Difficult credit assistance in obtaining a loan

This concept refers to a situation in which obtaining money from a bank is associated with considerable difficulties.

credit does not mean more complicated formalities, but rather difficulties in obtaining it. It’s important to verify your situation well. When we want to take a difficult loan, it is worth seeking help from specialists.

On what basis does the bank grant the loan


The bank decides whether or not to grant a loan based on a number of information. Some of them are obtained from other institutions, others from ourselves. One of such institutions is the Credit Information Bureau. From it, the bank derives information whether we pay our liabilities and whether we do it on time. Our credit history is visible there. When deciding to borrow money, remember about the obligation to pay your debts on time.

This may decide to grant us another loan. A number of information fills our loan application. On its basis, our financial situation is examined. We provide, among others what income source we have, how much we earn, based on what type of contract we are employed, the amount of our previous obligations, the amount of our debt, the amount that we spend monthly on maintenance, the amount of possible installments for maintenance, how many people are dependent on us, etc.

Especially with low amounts and with cash loans with a minimum of formalities, the bank takes for real information given in the application. Due to the lack of time, it is not possible to verify the information contained in it, even if the rent for the apartment is paid in the amount specified, whether we actually spend so much on utility costs, etc. By submitting the application, we certify that the information provided is true. Each loan agreement is equipped with an appropriate clause.

When the bank doesn’t give us a loan

When the bank doesn

If the bank finds that our credit history is unfavorable and we have no creditworthiness. Our financial situation is also not very interesting.

When we go to a bank branch alone, we submit an application and we receive a refusal. The worst thing you can do now is to submit another application to another bank. You’re just dealing with a difficult loan that you can’t deal with without the help of specialists.

Each subsequent loan application removes you from obtaining a loan

Each subsequent loan application removes you from obtaining a loan

Do not act rashly and report to the intermediary company on obtaining difficult loans . Specialists negotiate the terms of the loan with a decision maker in the bank, after prior detailed verification of your debt and creditworthiness. Nothing happens by accident.

Everything is perfectly planned and the loan at your fingertips. Do not risk failure and report to the agent in obtaining difficult loans .

Different Forms of Housing Savings – Credits

Although real estate prices are in the sky, Hungarians are still not giving up their apartment plans, and buyer demand is not falling. Our own home has always been an attractive destination for everyone, so over time, this desire for finance is gaining ground. Even though people in Western Europe are more likely to rent, we are dreaming of every square centimeter of our first home for years to come.

Are you still here and dreaming of your own apartment? Then it’s time to make a financially informed and informed purchase of real estate, one of the most important parts of which is apartment savings. If you don’t know what savings to choose from or how long to save, here’s a summary of the most important things for you!

Home Savings: When to Set It Off?

It’s easy to figure out that the best way to save money is to start setting it aside as soon as possible. Obviously, the more time we have to collect money, the more money we will have when it comes to buying a home.

In this case, the saying that it is not possible to start gathering soon enough holds. The purchase price of a 30 square meter flat in the capital is at least HUF 20 million. Only very few can do this in a few months. Typically, parents and even grandparents start setting aside the apartment they buy for the child, so when the child reaches the age to move, it is possible to touch what. So it is always worthwhile to start saving as soon as possible: even as a child, if we are aware enough, but it is worth thinking about a project that goes over generations. In fact, it’s good to have parents or grandparents set it aside. Choose a form of savings where your money stays valuable and can be safely raised.

However, it is a common mistake to think of our first apartment as one where we will live our entire lives. So we spend unnecessarily much on our new home. It may have been true a few generations ago, but nowadays we move at least once. Either because of a growing family or a new job to name just two examples. But the reasons are endless.

It is easy to see, for example, that our college child will not usually need the living space provided by a multi-room apartment (or possibly a whole house). Maintaining such a property typically costs a lot more money than a one and a half room Budapest apartment, so if the costs are not shared (such as renting an empty room), you will lose a lot of money on overhead and maintenance.

So what to consider when buying your first home?


  • The first thing to do is to gauge how long you will have enough, how long you want to stay in the property you choose, and what your needs will be in the meantime.

  • Let’s see if our money is paid back over the time frame – for example, in a sublease. Let’s see how much it costs for a year with all the rent and how much to maintain your own home. As long as the rent is cheaper, you may not want to move from there.

  • Consider also the space we need. Buying an unreasonably large apartment and not renting empty rooms will cost you a lot to maintain the apartment without utilizing the space available.

It is almost certain that you will also need to use credit to buy the apartment, which will also require your own resources. Keep this in mind when we start saving. Because own funds are usually 20 percent, which means $ 4 million when buying a 20 million forints property. That’s the amount we need to have.

Where to keep the savings? We help you choose!

Where to keep the savings? We help you choose!

There are many aspects to consider when designing your savings when it comes to home use. It is very important to keep this amount secure so that you keep it to a minimum, until you buy the apartment, but if possible, even grow.

With so many alternatives to choose from, let’s see what’s going on with one and the other, when you have little to no self-sufficiency and when you’re still far from your goal:

Difficult credit – how to apply for it A professional loan broker

As a rule, when we apply for a loan of several thousand zlotys, we will receive it in every bank. However, if we already have other liabilities on our account, our history in BIK is not perfect, we happened to not pay back the loan on time or our financial situation is not very interesting, the bank may not be so willing to give us cash.

It is in this situation, when the bank does not want to grant us a loan for some reason, we are dealing with a difficult loan. However, this is not synonymous with the fact that we will not receive a difficult loan. However, we need to know how to apply for him.

Difficult credit – how to apply for it


Many of us are immediately aware that their situation is so bad that every application for a loan is tantamount to applying for a difficult loan.

However, if we think that our creditworthiness is fine. Then we submit the application ourselves to the bank and, to our surprise, we get a negative decision. In this case, we are also dealing with difficult credit, as difficulties arose with obtaining it.

Questions about difficult credit is not just how to apply for it


You also need to know what to avoid in this case. One refusal to grant a loan from the bank does not prevent our chances. It can be said that it is information for us that we are applying for a difficult loan.

At this point, you should not mindlessly send another loan application to other banks, hoping that somewhere we may be able to get the money we need. It should be remembered that three refusals from a bank may determine that for a long time we will not receive credit from any bank. So how do you apply for a difficult loan.

Professional credit advisor

Professional credit advisor

When dealing with difficult credit, the best solution is to use the help of a professional credit advisor who specializes in obtaining difficult loans for his clients. In addition to the necessary knowledge and experience, such a person has the opportunity to negotiate with a decision-maker in the bank. Thanks to this, we have a much better chance of receiving a difficult loan.

So when you are dealing with difficult credit and you are wondering how to apply for it, you must remember not to do it on your own, but to find a professional company that will help you get a difficult loan.

Savings – it’s never too late to start! – Loans

The first complicated task, which looks like a big bite, is swept under the carpet as easily as possible. For many of us, this category also includes finance, which can turn into opaque chaos after many years if we are not paying attention. What and how much do we spend? Where does the money go? What should I set aside and how much? There are so many embarrassing questions that only a fraction of Hungarians know the answer to, if we start with a willingness to save.

Fortunately, the situation is never unavoidable, it only takes a little planning and care to put our finances in order. Why is this so important? Because it is only after an accurate overview that savings can begin when we can determine how much we can set aside for different purposes. Our current post is about getting started with a clean sheet of materials and giving you some helpful tips on how to start saving.

Step 0 to save money

Step 0 to save money

Before we set it aside for any future purpose, let’s get to know our own spending habits! A good plan is based on getting the information you need, so in our case we know when, when and how much we spend. It’s time to systemize our revenue and expenses! Being aware of what we have sacrificed can also give us a sense of where we can carve or what we do not really need. Do we order lunch from a restaurant regularly? It’s cheaper and healthier to cook for ourselves. Do we buy groceries irregularly? Let’s make a shopping list and shop from time to time to really buy only what we need!

Make budgets for each area, such as shopping, entertainment, and hobbies, and try to spend as much as you set for the month. You can use virtually any tool to manage your expenses and budget:

  • The good old square grid booklet and pencil. Collect the blocks and use them to record the items in a notebook every night.

  • An Excel spreadsheet is also perfect for this purpose, which makes it relatively easy to calculate where you spend most.

  • Let’s use our smartphone! There are plenty of budget management apps to choose from that even organize your spending automatically.

With a really clean sheet – settle your debt

With a really clean sheet - settle your debt

Before we start saving, we can take another, very important step to get our finances on track. Credit cards hanging in the air, expensive personal loans, or long-term home loans are throwing a lot of money out the window. After all, the total cost of a loan is not only the amount borrowed: we also pay interest, management fees and other occasional items.

There are several tools we can use to close these contracts. We can prepay or cancel our debt if we can pay off the installment, or even replace our existing loan with a cheaper debt settlement loan. Let’s look at the options:

Prepayment: In addition to the installment payment, we pay off our debt with additional payments. Note that banks may deduct 1.5-2 percent of the prepayment amount in the form of a prepayment fee. For some types of loans, such as consumer-friendly home loans, a prepayment of free home savings Ask your lender how you can get away with this prepayment.

Repayment: This is technically the same as a prepayment, but in the event of a prepayment, we will repay the remaining balance of the loan and cancel the loan agreement. Final repayment is also subject to a fee.

Debt settlement: The essence of redeeming a loan is to pay off your more expensive loan with a cheaper loan. This can lighten our monthly burden, get a higher loan amount, or shorten the maturity, depending on what is appropriate for our goals. Debt settlement is provided by low credit rates. While some years ago we were able to borrow up to 20-30 percent APR (which represents the total cost of the loan), today we can get the same loans for up to 10 percent. The difference can be as high as one hundred thousand forints depending on how much we charge. In the process, we take out this cheaper loan, then pay off the rest of the old expensive loan from the loan taken and close the contract. From there, we only have to pay off the cheaper loan.

Buendía family debt calculator lets you see how much you can win by redeeming your loan!

In Hungary, few people still use the debt settlement option, although they can reduce their monthly installment payments by as much as tens of thousands of forints, which is particularly ideal for credit card debt or overdrafts. These are the loans that are still among the most expensive loans with up to 38 percent APR.

Savings: for what purpose, in what form?

Savings: for what purpose, in what form?

Saving is the focus when we settle our debts and know how much money we can put aside. It is worth setting different goals for this. The function of saving is primarily to preserve the value of our money for a later purpose, and at best to earn interest.

However, we can only expect significant growth in the long run if we carefully invest our money. Perhaps the most practical approach is to think over time and assign savings goals and then the right savings tools.

Cheap credit How to find the best loan Credit

Many people are easily tempted by the offers of non-bank loans just because they see in the media advertising that they can borrow money for free. These companies know very well how to lure more customers and it is not surprising that they use it.

However, we want to dispel all doubts once and for all and convince you that there is no such thing as a free loan. Non-bank companies mainly offer loans. And that’s what they earn from it. Were it not for the fact that we pay for the loan, such companies would not have the right to exist because they would have nothing for what.

How does it look in practice


If the offer includes information that the loan is interest-free, it usually means that the commission for it is located in additional costs. When we have information about a commission-free loan, most often the amount of interest is much higher than for a loan of the same amount.

We want to say that the cost of the loan always includes the fee for the company that provides it. The fact that we pay for credit and loan is indisputable. However, this does not mean that we will pay the same amount everywhere. Whether something is cheap or not is a relative concept. However, using them to compare one product with another, we can confidently say that there is such a thing as cheap credit.

Cheap credit


To find a cheap loan, we should first use the loan comparison websites available. We will not incur any fees for this. So we can use it as many times as we need it. In this simple way, we will also see that each bank expects a different fee for the same amount of money borrowed.

So quickly choose a cheap cash loan with the help of a loan comparison engine. However, if our goal is a loan for higher amounts, it is worth paying attention to other credit conditions, such as insurance, credit holidays or installment payment grace periods.

It is important especially for long-term loans


When we are not really able to predict whether we will fall into any financial problems over the years. In this case, it is better to go to a professional credit counselor before choosing a loan and choose not only a cheap loan but also the best one.

All you have to do is take the time and compare several loan offers, you’ll see for yourself that they differ in price and you will find a cheap loan for yourself.

How to extend the payday payday payment for another 30 days?

Short-term loans are very fashionable these days. They allow you to finance various urgent obligations. According to the regulations available on the network, the time to pay them is from 30 days to 60 days. The lender sets a specific date for us to settle the debt. There are, however, situations in which we are unable to pay fees in a timely manner. Then what? It is possible that we use the procedure, which is to extend the loan. What does it consist of?

A loan extension, up to 30 days, must be reported

A loan extension, up to 30 days, must be reported


How does the loan extension work? The most important thing for us – clients – is to report willingness to start appropriate activities before the loan repayment deadline. From the last day of the loan period, this option will be blocked and we will expose ourselves to fees related to late repayment. Detailed information on the rules in force in a given financial institution can be found on its website. For this purpose, we must contact the Customer Service Office of the company whose services we use. Then it is possible to run the whole procedure. Fortunately, the whole process is not particularly complicated. That is why we should not be afraid of taking action. After all, it is thanks to them that it becomes possible for the loan repayment to be easier for us.

The extension involves fees

The extension involves fees


What are the fees associated with extending the loan? It is known that the facilities in question are not free. The most important, however, is that you want to use it before you pay off your debt. It is therefore not worth expecting to take these actions until the last moment. It may turn out that all the steps that need to be taken can be more time-consuming than we might think. Therefore, it is good to ensure everything that will result in avoiding the payment of contractual penalties. Their height may vary depending on the company we choose. What costs do you have to take into account when deciding whether to extend payday loans?

Extending the loan at Hypocredit

Extending the loan at Vivus.pl


In the case of services provided by Hypocredit we have several facilities. First of all, the additional time that we can get is 7, 14 or a maximum of 30 days. To be able to use it, you need to transfer the appropriate amount to the account of the described company. It differs depending on how many days the repayment date is to be moved and whether it was our first or next loan.


In the event of an additional week you have to take into account the expenditure of 14.40% calculated on the outstanding amount. By extending the deadline twice, you have to pay 15.20%. While using the maximum extension period, fees of 17.00% of the amount remain to be settled. Interestingly, the website also has information that customers who use services for the first time can perform this operation up to twice.


If we have applied for a loan again and want to take advantage of the extension of the repayment date, the fees are lower. For 7 days they amount to 8.80% of the loan amount. When we apply for a 14-day extension, it will be 9.60% of the liability. However, extending the deadline by 30 days costs 11.30% of the sum borrowed.

Extension of a loan at Merratu

Extension of a loan at Merratu


In the case of funds lent by Merratu Bank as customers, we have the option of extending the repayment date, subject to physical security, which means that we need to find an individual guarantor (the person certifying our ability to repay the debt, in the event of problems, undertakes to take over our liability). If we decide to use such a solution, then we have the opportunity to take advantage of the facilitation for free.

It is known, however, that it is necessary to provide a contract signed by one guarantor. It must also be initialed by 2 witnesses or a notary public. These actions must then be taken within 5 days of sending the notification to the customer service representative. The extension of the loan can also be secured by a guarantor proposed by the bank. The cost will then be 25 percent of the initial capital. The loan extension period is 30 days. Merratu Bank emphasizes that from 11/03/2016 it is not possible to extend the loan repayment without a guarantor.

Extension of a loan at Lenderspo

Extension of a loan at Lenderspo


For this institution, it is impossible, as we read on the site, to postpone the repayment date. However, loan refinancing services are available. Then it is possible to set a new payment date. He may be appointed for a period of 10, 20 or 30 days from the positive consideration of our application for the described assistance. Details of the entire process are available in the “Customer Area”. This is where you can find all the data on the lender’s offer in this regard. The amount of fees depends on the amount of payday loan granted and the refinancing period. These details should be agreed each time with a customer advisor assigned to us.

Extension of loan in Spooky

Extension of loan in Spooky


An extension of the loan in Spooky is possible after prior submission of an appropriate instruction to the company’s employees. It will be implemented only after paying the appropriate fee by the borrower. If you use the first free loan, you can extend the repayment period twice. In the standard offer, on the other hand, it is one-off in subsequent applications. The time for which the repayment of the liability will be deferred can be 7, 14 or 30 days.


If we applied for a loan for the first time, the cost of extending your repayments by 7 days is 13.20% of the money you borrowed. When we decide to postpone for 14 days, the fee will be equal to 14.00% of the loan amount. In the event of an extension of 30 days, we will pay 15.70% of the sum of the financial support received.


With the next application, the fees are lower and are as follows: extension of 7 days is 9.70% of the loan amount, extension of 14 days is 10.50% of the loan amount, extension of 30 days is 12.20% of the loan amount.

Extension of loan in Beloan

Extension of loan in Beloan


In the case of a Beloan loan, it is possible to extend the repayment date by 7, 14 or 30 days. The appropriate option should be selected before the end of the loan period. The order will be accepted if we make the appropriate payment by entering the appropriate loan number and the word “EXTENSION” in the title of transfers. The cost of the service depends on the loan amount we choose and the loan period. If we used the promotion of the first free loan with parameters of $ 2,500 for 30 days, the fees will be: for 7 days $ 375, for 14 days $ 450, while for 30 days $ 525. We already receive information about costs when determining the amount and period of credit before submitting the application.


Why choose a Good Finance for cash loans

Good Finance bank is an international provider of mobile consumer loans. As a pioneer in financial technology and mobile lending, Good Finance has expanded its operations to 25 countries since 2005.

At Good Finance Bank, our mission is simple – to provide credit and banking services that are the best, fastest and easiest to use, available 24/7 with personal customer service.

You can rest assured that you are in good hands


When you apply for one of the Good Finance Online Cash Loans, you can rest assured that you are in good hands. We believe in complete transparency. There are no hidden fees.

Good Finance bank plc is authorized and regulated by MFSA (Malta Financial Services Authority).

Friendly Tip: When researching options for online cash loans, it is never a good idea to look for “cashless credit check” because many times, companies that say they will not perform a credit check often collect and pass on your information to other brokers and credit providers who will.

When you apply for one of the Good Finance Cash Loans, you can rest assured that we will never share your information without your permission.

I want Good Finance cash loan

We are customer focused


We understand that relationships are important. Because we are direct credit providers, many of our clients use our services multiple times. When you apply for one of our online cash loans, we will create an account that you can reuse if and when the need arises. Our goal is to have happy clients.

If you have any questions, our customer service team is here to help you 24/7. What exactly are our short-term loans Cash loans often include online loans, short-term loans, or payday loans. Good Finance is also proud to offer a text-based loan request service that, as its name implies, allows clients to apply for a loan via text message instead of online.

We tend to say that when other banks say no


When it comes to credit checks, many people tend to think that their credit records are worse than they actually are and are pleasantly surprised when we offer them a quick cash loan. We do not look for the old mistakes in the long-term financial arrangements that our clients had years ago. We perform checks on credit items that are similar to our online loans. It only takes five minutes to apply for one of our loans and you immediately receive a credit decision on screen.

Using our sophisticated and advanced technology, it only takes a few seconds to evaluate the application for one of our online cash loans.

Clients will go through several virtual “checkpoints” where they will validate their information as they go through the process. During this process, we will check their identity, credit rating and ability to repay the loan by the due date.

Why raise one of our cash loans?

Why raise one of our cash loans?

There are a myriad of reasons why clients apply for online loans. At Good Finance, our customer service team has helped thousands of people like you with our cash loans.

From car repairs to vet bills, weekend breaks and everything in between, we are here to help. Better yet, a promotional campaign is still underway, where as a new user you can apply for a loan up to HRK 3,000 with a payback period of up to 30 days at no charge. As much as you borrow, you need so much to pay back!



Loan immediately without the register of debtors

There could be times in our lives whenever we need money immediately. It will arrange a loan immediately. Very best situation?

Mortgage immediately without proof of revenue

Loan immediately without proof of income

For example , a single mom who threatens to move away from home if she does not pay out. This is really annoying plus needs to be addressed immediately. If you can’t turn on anyone, you have simply no choice but to take out that loan. First you can try it within the bank.

Should you not go there because of lower income or that you are within the register of debtors. You can test some non-banking company. They are now able to give you cash immediately. Many people make eager decisions in a desperate time period, which is understandable. Were a person unable to find anyone ready to give you a loan? As one final resort, you can try nonprofits to assist single mothers and people within need.

Mortgage immediately from private people

Loan immediately from private persons

Choose loans through private individuals as a final resort. And if you do this particular only with an expert who has assesses the contract as well as the conditions prepared by a private individual. Loan immediately, this term we enter into search engines more often and especially people who have to pay bills, for example , mobile services or even cable TV. Getting into the DASAR register of debtors is simply too easy nowadays. Your cellular carrier can sign a person up after a second past due to mobile account.

A loan immediately should not be an issue nowadays. Everything is automatic and thanks to the Internet, most solutions are much faster than ever. As soon as approved, the transfer will simply take a few seconds, but it is essential that the bank or non-bank service provider has an account with all the bank where you have an accounts.

If not, you may get the money in 1-2 times, which unfortunately is not so comfy. Therefore , it is good to discover before you take out a loan which banks the company has balances. This will prevent unnecessary troubles and you will be able to draw cash immediately.

How to save III .: Equipment for a new apartment

You don’t have to be a carpenter or upholsterer to save money on furniture and home furnishings . But what we will talk about, manually skilled individuals will have cheap furnishing the apartment definitely easier.

Don’t save on important things


There are things that should not be spared. These include, for example, a kitchen that you can not transport from the old apartment. You will use your work surface, appliances and drawers every day, so it’s better to invest in quality materials than to repair and replace later.

Do not have to make a new one


The same rule applies to the bed, although you do not have to make a new one here. Moving , however, is an ideal opportunity to get rid of an old mattress and give your back a healthy fit. Investing in health is always worthwhile.

5 tips to save money with

5 tips to save money with

  1. A can of paint comes out cheaper than new furniture. How many times just paint an old cabinet and friends ask where you bought the design piece. This way you can easily solve the situation when the old furniture for your new apartment does not suit you.
  2. A new upholstery may suffice. An old couch or a favorite armchair can last for many years if you give them a new coat. Skilful individuals can change the cover themselves, others should rather call the upholsterer.
  3. Get new furniture for a few hundreds. If you want a new apartment necessarily new furniture, choose in large stores. In events you can get him for a few hundreds and when you save, you can calmly exchange it for better pieces.
  4. … Or completely free. On many online bazaars you will find classified ads offering pick-up furniture. Usually these are old and worn pieces, but a little creativity is enough to conjure up original accessories for your new home.
  5. Make original furniture from pallets. Pallet furniture has been popular for several years and thanks to this you will find many instructions on the Internet. This makes it easy to make a couch, bed, table or garden furniture.